FRANK BRIGHT  has had a career of musical performance that spans over a decade. Although he now resides in Savannah, Georgia, Frank has offered his elegant jazz style to clubs, hotels and resorts in Atlanta, Georgia as well as in

Having recently co-produced and co-written original material on Jim Belt's recently released Jazz CD, 'Let Me', on the Dolphin Record Label, Frank Bright's influence in the Jazz World continues to expand.

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ADAM BELT has been involved with music and sound production for over 10 years. Having worked with his father, JIM BELT, and other artists on many locations, Adam has become intimately involved with music production on many levels.

He has worked with live music and audio acoustics for many events and has a keen ear and understanding for live sound in multiple genres.

Adam Belt's experience  gives him a unique insight into live music and music that is indeed "handmade".

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